Auto Fraud Lawyer in Cincinnati, OH

Some car dealers will do everything they can to turn a profit, even resorting to unethical and fraudulent methods of cheating consumers out of money. In fact, several car dealerships have made the news after being charged with fraud and deception by state and federal authorities. It’s illegal for a car dealer to:

  • Roll back, or make other changes to, the odometer
  • Run an unauthorized credit check
  • Take a kickback from a lender
  • Sell you a “lemon” it’s bought back from another customer, if the dealer doesn’t tell you the car is a lemon
  • Sell you a demo vehicle or an “unwind” (a car that’s been returned, usually because of financing problems)
  • Run phony contests or specials, or otherwise engage in false advertising
  • Make a “yo-yo” deal (after the dealer sells you a car, the salesperson calls you and tells you that the financing fell through)
  • “Pack” a loan by adding unwanted items to the sale to increase the amount of the monthly payment
  • Commit fraud related to financing, such as:
    • Rolling negative equity into the trade-in cost of the new vehicle
    • Failing to make certain disclosures in connection with a car lease
    • Backdating loan documents

Consumer Protection

If you suspect you were taken advantage of during the recent purchase of a car or truck, STILLPASS/ Attorney at Law may be able to help by:

  • Reviewing all records pertaining to your motor vehicle purchase to determine whether you may have a claim
  • Negotiating on your behalf with the dealership
  • Filing a lawsuit or seek criminal charges against the dealer if the negotiations don’t lead to a successful resolution of your claim

STILLPASS/ Attorney at Law will help you take proper legal action to protect your rights and work tirelessly to resolve your case. Call now to set up an initial consultation.